6th Class Booklist 2023-2024

Printable version of 6th class booklist Stationery for 6th class 2023-2024


  Leabhar Liosta do Rang a Sé 2023-2024


Stationery for 6th class

Pencils 2HB ,


Red Pens

Colouring Pencils/Black Sharpie/ 2 highlighter markers

2 x Pritt Sticks labelled,


Ruler (not bendy Blue)

2x Blue or black Gel pens

  1. A bill for the following will be issued in September : Art/Craft, Book Rental, Homework Diary, Drumcondra Tests and Digital subscriptions and all payments via Aladdin App. An email will be sent.
  2. A bill for Personal Insurance will be issued in September.
  3. School will re-open on the Wednesday 30th of August 2023
  4. Please refer to school website for details of uniform requirements.

Enjoy the Holidays!