6th Class Ms Murray & Mr Nolan Book Lists 2018-2019

6th Class Booklist Ms Murray & Mr Nolan

6th Class Booklist Ms Murray & Mr Nolan

To be purchased

English           Word Wizard  5th Class (Gill)

Spelling Rules E (Gill)


Maths              New Wave Mental Maths Revised edition (Prim Ed)

Mathematical Set


88 page copies -A11 (x10)
88 page maths copies C3 (x3)
Refill Pad A4
Hard A4 Folder ( 10 subject dividers & at least 40 Plastic Pockets)
HB Pencils / Eraser / Topper / Red Biros /Blue Biros /1 x 30 cm ruler (preferably not bendy!) Packet of Colouring Pencils / Markers / Crayons


*Please make sure to replace these regularly during the year/check at the beginning of every term that your child has sufficient equipment


Already owned-(these books were used in 5th class and will continue in 6th class)

Abair Liom H (Folens)

Super Sleuth 5th Class (Gill)

Irish Grammar Glance Card An Gúm

Cleachtadh Gramadaí Bunscoile

A5 Hardback for Gaeilge

A4 Hardback for S.E.S.E

Dictionaries & Thesaurus

Tin Whistle in key of D


Book Rental Scheme

Busy at Maths

Small World History & Geography & Science

School Atlas

English Novels

Religion Book


€50 to be paid in September to include the following:
Book Rental / Art, Craft, photocopying / Journal  / Micra T/ Sigma T/Drumcondra tests
Bill for Personal Insurance will be issued in September.


Please note all school payments are online and you will be issued with a bill from the school in September. Please do not send in cash or cheques to the school.

Remember!!! Do not write your name on your books until September when you can check that it is the correct book!!! If name written they cannot be returned to shop.
The pupils will return to school on Thursday 30th August.