5th & 6th Class Mr Nolan

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Mr Nolan’s 5th/6th Class Booklist


There are only 2 Books for Parents to Purchase  (These are for both Fifth and Sixth Class Pupils in Mr.Nolan’s Class)



The school will be purchasing a Gaeilge text book and a Maths book in bulk and parents will be billed for these in September. The approximate total cost of these two books is €25.


The rest of the textbooks are available in the school through the book rental scheme.


Pupils should already have:


Stationary to buy



  1. Art/Craft, Book Rental, Homework Diary, Drumcondra Tests and Digital subscription can be paid for in September via Aladdin App-a payment link will be emailed out.
  2. A bill for Personal Insurance will be issued in September.
  3. School will re-open on the 31st of August 2021
  4. Please refer to school website for details of uniform requirements.
  5. Remember!! Do not write your name on your books until September when you can check that it is the correct book! If name is written on the book they cannot be returned to shop.


Enjoy the Holidays!