3rd Class Mrs Murphy & Ms Coen Book Lists 2018-2019

Printable Version third class 2018-2019


Mrs Murphy & Ms Coen



Bua na Cainte 3                                                 Edco

Fuaimeanna agus Focail (Rang a 3)           Folens

Collins Irish Dictionary Pocket Edition



Text Book-school rental

New Wave Mental Maths 3rd Class         PrimeEd

Tables Champion (tables for 3rd class)     educate.ie

Busy at Maths 3 Shadow Book                   CJFallon



Text Book-school rental

Novels available from the school rental scheme


Spell Well 3                                                         CJ Fallon

Collins English Dictionary Pocket Edition



Just Handwriting (3rd Class)                        Educate.ie


Tin Whistle in the Key of D

Tinwhistle copy from 2nd class



Books available from the school rental scheme


10 x 88 page copies

3 x 88 page Maths copies

1 X A4 Refill Pad

1x A4 Hardback Copy

Pencils/Eraser/Topper/Red Biros

Packet of Colouring Pencils

1 x 30cm ruler

Pritt Stick


50 Euro to be paid to class teacher in September to include the following: Book Rental / Art, Craft, photocopying / Journal  / Standardised tests

Bill for Personal Insurance will be issued in September

Please note all school payments are online and you will be issued with a bill from the school in September. Please do not send in cash or cheques to the school.

Remember!!!!!!! Do not write your name on your books until September when you can check that it is the correct book!!! If name written they cannot be returned to shop.

The pupils will return to school on Thursday 30th of August 2018