3rd Class Ms Burns Book Lists 2017 – 2018

Printable Version Third Class Book List 2017-2018

Third Class Book List 2017 – 2018 Ms Burns 


Seo Leat 3 CJ Fallon
Fuaimeanna agus Focail (Rang a 3) Folens
Collins Irish Dictionary Pocket Edition

Text Book-school rental
New Wave Mental Maths 3rd Class Prim –Ed
Tables Champion Tables for Third Class Educate.ie

Word Wizard 3rd Class Gill Education

My Spelling Workbook D Prim-Ed
Novels available from the school rental scheme
Collins Thesaurus Pocket Edition
Collins English Dictionary Pocket Edition

Handwriting: Just Handwriting (3rd Class) Educate.ie
Music: Tin Whistle in the Key of D

Books available from the school rental scheme

Miscellaneous: 10 x 88 page copies
3 x 88 page Maths copies
1x B4 Handwriting copy (Red and Blue Lined)
1 X A4 Refill Pad
1x A4 Hardback Copy
A4 Pocket Display Book
Pencils/Eraser/Topper/Red Biros
Packet of Colouring Pencils
1 x 30cm ruler
Pritt Stick
Small basket for books to be stored on desk
(approx. 36cmx26cmx15cm)

€50 to be paid to class teacher in September to include the following: (Book Rental, Art, craft and photocopying, Journal, Drumcondra tests)
Bill for Personal Insurance will be issued in September.
School reopens Friday 1st of September