2nd Class Mrs Kelly & Ms Meere Booklists 2019-2020

Printable version:Second Class Booklist 2019-2020

Second Class Booklist 2019-20  Mrs Kelly and Ms Meere

Subject Book Publisher
Gaeilge Main text book bought from school*
Maths Busy at Maths 2nd Class CJ Fallon
Mental Maths 2nd Class Prim-Ed
Figure it Out 2nd Class CJ Fallon
 English Handwriting made easy 3looped style

(sometimes found in the third class section)

CJ Fallon
Word Wizard 2nd Class Gill
SESE Explore with me – 2nd Class Edco
Religion Grow in Love Second Class Veritas
Music Tin whistle Key of D

*Main text book in Gaeilge bought directly from school with bulk order discount, cost approx. €12.

**Readers and Novels and other text books on loan from Book Rental scheme


Copies /Miscellaneous

Quantity Items
1 40 page Writing Copy
3 88 Page Writing Copies (A11)
1 C3 Sum Copy
1 Nature Study Copy
1 B4 Handwriting copy (Red and Blue lined)
1 Hardback copy A5 (copybook sized)


A4 Plastic Envelope Folder

A4 Mesh Folder

1 A4 40 page Scrapbook
1 43g Pritt Stick
1 30cm ruler
1 Packet of colours-Twistables, Crayons or Colouring Pencils (no markers)
Pencils (HB) x2, Eraser, Topper.

46.50 Euro to be paid to class teacher in September to include the following: (Book Rental, Art & Craft, photocopying, Homework Journal, Micra T/Sigma Assessment).

Digital subscriptions €10

Bill for Personal Insurance will be issued in September

Please note all school payments are online and you will be issued with a bill from the school in September. Please do not send in cash or cheques to the school.

Remember!!!!!!! Do not write your name on your books until September when you can check that it is the correct book!!! If name is written they cannot be returned to shop.

The pupils will return to school on Thursday 29th of August 2019