1st Class Miss Kelly Book Lists 2017 – 2018

Printable version First Class Booklist 2017-2018


First Class Booklist 2017-2018 Ms Kelly


Subject Book Publisher
Gaeilge Bua na Cainte 1 Edco
Maths Busy at Maths 1st Class CJ Fallon
Figure It Out 1 C.J Fallon
Mental Maths 1st Class Prim-Ed
English My Spelling Workbook B Prim-Ed
Handwriting made Easy 2 Looped Style CJ Fallon
Treasury A Folens
SESE Small World 1st Class CJ Fallon
Religion Grow In Love First Class


**Readers and Novels on loan from Book Rental scheme


Copies /Miscellaneous

Quantity Items
1 40 page Writing Copy
3 88 Page Writing Copies (A11)
1 Junior Sum Copies 10mm squares
2 B4 Handwriting copy  (Red and Blue Lined)
1 Project Copy (15A)
1 30cm ruler
1 Packet of colours-Twistables, Crayons or Colouring Pencils (no markers)
1 Pritt Stick
1 Plastic A4 document wallet
Pencils (HB) x2, Eraser, Topper.


45 Euro to be paid to class teacher in September to include the following: (Book Rental , Art & Craft , photocopying , Homework Journal , Micra T/Sigma Assement).

A bill for Personal Insurance will also be issued in September.

The school will open on Friday 1st of September

Remember: Do not write your name on any books until they have been checked by the class teacher in September. Books cannot be returned once written on.