Parental Involvement

As a Catholic school, we believe that the school is not an isolated unit but a union of many people who come together to give it its life and meaning.

The triple partnership of home, school and parish is essential if the school is to live up to its Mission Statement. We aim to establish this relationship through:

  1. encouraging a shared commitment to the success of each individual child;
  2. encouraging an ethos of understanding and openness in home-school –parish relationships;
  3. Helping parents to develop a positive role in complementing and supporting the work of the school in educating their children;
  4. Parental involvement in the life of the school is encouraging in many ways:
    • Through parents/partnership groups working in school;
    • Fund raising parent helpers;
    • Involvement in assemblies, celebrations, concerts and school Masses;
    • Involvement in sacramental preparation;
    • School fetes, sport and gala days.

We are committed to methods of evaluating and improving channels of communication between school and parents. Our evaluation shall be ongoing and continuous, as we make every effort to make parents feel welcome and values at all times.