Homework Policy

As a general rule, every child from Infants to Sixth class inclusive is given homework each night. Parents are asked to ensure that their children complete their homework. In the event of the homework not being attempted or not completed, teachers may insist the homework is completed by the children during break time or at the weekend.

The recommended average time for homework ranges from thirty minutes in First class to one hour in senior classes. Some children in sixth class may spend up to ninety minutes at homework. The recommended times are only guidelines because too much emphasis of ‘time spent’ may cause a habit of ‘clock watching’ to develop. The best criterion is if the child regularly exceeds the recommended times, and this is not due to poor work habits, you are welcome to visit the school to discuss that matter with the class teacher.

At the start of each school year it takes the teacher time to adjust the amount of homework given to the standard of each class. So please have patience over this ‘settling in’ period.

Homework must be do e unless there is satisfactory explanation, either written or oral, from a parent or guardian.

Do not do the child’s homework for him/her. Work set for homework will generally have been prepared in class. Please check your child’s homework for neatness and point out mistakes.

Oral work is as important as written work. Please listen to your child read, and examine spellings and tables.

Parents should sign their homework or homework journal each night, if requested by the class teacher.

As a general rule, homework is not given at weekends, unless pupil or class misbehaves.