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Frequent communications is of vital importance in developing and nurturing co-operation between home and school.

In our school, communication between parents and teachers may take one of the following forms:

Individual Consultation:

This occurs where a parent has asked to meet a teacher or has been invited to visit the school to exchange information or to discuss matters of concern.

(A note to the class teacher, or phone call, requesting such an appointment is always necessary)

Appointment with Principal

Parents wishing to meet with the Principal should make an appointment by contacting /telephoning the school.

Parent/Teacher meetings for pupils will be held annually in the month of October.

Meetings are held in connection with preparations for the Sacraments of penance, First Holy Communion and Confirmation.

A child’s parent is the most effective teacher he/she will ever have. The home environment determines to a great extent the child’s progress in school. It is for this reason that teachers depend more and more on the support of parents. To achieve a high standard of behaviour, a high level of co-operation between teachers, parents and children is needed.

Parents are asked to:

  1. Insist that their child attends to homework each night;
  2. Encourage their child to co-operate fully in school;
  3. Take appropriate action if they discover that their child has been guilty of misbehaviour in school;
  4. Discuss any problems that may arise with the teacher or Principal.

Often, problems in school are caused by misunderstandings and teachers lack of awareness of certain relevant facts.